Grandma Sylvia and Grandpa Benny -

July 15, 1990

Wendy H. Sheinberg, Esq., CELA

Wendy H. Sheinberg, Esq., CELA*
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Why Elder Law & Special Needs? 

I was very fortunate to have some very special people in my life: my grandparents, and Aunt Freda and Cousin Lolly. 

One day my grandpa telephoned and said, “Vendala, what’s going to happen, I’m not getting any better, and your grandma, she is just not right anymore, who is going to take care of her when I die?” 

I told my grandfather that I had heard of these lawyers called elder law attorneys. I had heard that elder law attorneys could help him get everything in order, and then he could take care of my grandma and not have to worry about what would happen when he passed away. 

My grandpa called his local bar association in Charlotte County Florida and was given the name of an elder law attorney in his area. My grandfather met with the attorney, she put a plan in place, and my grandfather stopped worrying. My grandfather spent his last years enjoying his family and making the most of the time he had left on this planet. 

When my grandpa died on July 21, 1996, he died at peace with himself and the world, with all of his dignity in tact and in complete control. 

This was my first experience with elder law. Thanks to the efforts of one attorney who cared, my family had peace, order, and serenity during a time of absolute crisis. Personally, my first experience with elder law was invaluable. 

On a professional level, the experience caused me to realize that it would be wonderful to earn a living, spending every day returning dignity and control to people whose lives were spinning viciously out of control. 

My grandparents are my guiding inspiration (the handsome couple above is my grandparents Benny & Sylvie) I promise to treat you and your family the way I would want my grandparents treated. 

Aunt Freda was a school teacher, and one of her children, Lolly, was born with Down's syndrome. At a time when people commonly placed children with special needs in institutional settings, Freda fought to provide Lolly with the opportunities of a child of average needs. 

Her biggest concern and the biggest concern of all families of people with special needs was "who will take care of my child when I die." Freda, moved mountains, and Lolly was well taken care of after Freda passed away. 

My goal is to provide families of people with special needs the tools to enable them to move mountains, and protect their children today and tomorrow.

My  primary areas of practice are Guardianship, Elder Law, Trust and Estate Planning and Trust and Estate Administration. I have been certified by the National Elder Law Foundation as a Certified Elder Law Attorney. I am recognized by Martingale-Hubbell as an AV® rated attorney.  I have practiced law in New York for more than 20 years.

I can go on and on about my accomplishments, but what really matters to you, is that I will treat you and your family the way I want my loved ones treated. 

* Certified Elder Law Attorney by The National Elder Law Foundation which is not affiliated with any governmental authority. Certification is not a requirement for the practice of law in the State of New York and does not necessarily indicate greater competence than other attorneys experienced in this field of law.
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